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Cau chi Bussmann

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Cau chi Bussman |
Cau chi Bussman |
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Cau chi Bussman |
Cau chi Bussman |
 Giá vàng
  Cast Gate Valve


Product introduction

FLOWSPEC cast steel gate valve are designed and manufactured to provide maximum service life and dependability. FLOWSPEC gate valves are full ported and meet the design requirements of API600, API6D, BS1414, BS EN1984 and ASME B16.34. FLOWSPEC gate valves are available in a complete range of body/bonnet materials and trims.
FLOWSPEC gate valve’s standard body/bonnet materials include nine grades of carbon, low alloy and stainless steel. For special applications, they can be supplied in other grades of alloy and stainless steel. There is a full range of trim materials to match any service. Optional packing and gasket materials are available for a full range of service conditions.

Large hand wheels for easy operation, also available with gearing, motor actuators, pneumatic or hydraulic actuators for more difficult service.

OS & Y
Outside screw and yoke, cast steel gate valve yoke integral with bonnet for 150LB-8”, 300LB-8”, 600LB-6”, 900LB-4” & small.

Lantern ring and double packing set
Lantern ring with leak-off fitting connection and double packing stack is optionally available for critical service.

All FLOWSPEC wedge gate valves are provided with upset forged T-head stems. By forging the T-head, the stem at the stem-wedge connection is strengthened. This design also allows the wedge to self-align, eliminating the possibility of a bent stem jamming the wedge.

Live load packing
In services requiring frequent cycling or with high pressure/temperature variations, live loading extends the service between maintenance periods by requiring less frequent packing gland adjustments. Belleville springs are employed to provide constant packing gland stress.

Bolted bonnet. Welding bonnet and pressure seal bonnet in services requiring frequent cycling or with high pressure/temperature variations.

Yoke sleeve
Extra long thread engagement between yoke sleeve and stem provide long thread life. Valves of size larger than 150LB-12”, 300LB-10”, 600LB-6”, 900LB/1500LB/2500LB-4” are regularly provided with roll bearing yokes.

Body and bonnet joint

A flat face gasket joint is used in the 150LB cast steel gate valves. A male and female joint is used in 300LB and 600LB cast steel gate valves. Ring joint is used in the body to bonnet connection in 900LB & higher rated cast steel gate valves.
Integral guide rib faces assure self-centering of wedge. Flexible wedge gate valve has a one-piece, twin-disc wedge, which is designed so that each half flexes independently. Available in solid, flex split and HIS designs.

Applicable standards & specifications
Design and manufacturing: ASME B16.34/API 600/ API 6D/API 603/DIN3352

Face to face: ASME B16.10/ DIN3202-F4/F5/F7/F15/EN558-1
End flanges: ASME B16.5/DIN2543/2544/2545/25462547/2548/EN1092-1
Butt welding ends: ASME B16.25
Inspection and test: API 598/API 6D/DIN3230/DIN12266-1
Materials: A216 WCB, A217 WC6, WC9, A352-LCB, A351 CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M
Design descriptions
Full bore design

OS&Y, outside screw and yoke
BB, bolted bonnet
Flexible wedge, fully guided
Choice of solid or split wedge
Renewable seat rings
Forged T-head stem
Rising stem and non-rising hand wheel
Flanged or butt-welding ends
Available with gear operator

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